Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Week 1 28.02.12. 11 Keys !

Hey !!

This is our week one exercise from our class with Joe. The task was to find a observe an action of an athelete and key the most important 11 keys and time it convincingly. It isnt roto-scoped, we just paused on our chosen frames and drew them on paper, then later drew over my drawings in flash because we needed to upload to Vimeo.
I thought you'd like to know what we're up to Frank. :)


  1. Looking great Shae! You have classes with Joe? Jealous! Keep updating!

    1. Yes Mr Brohman ! He is an excellent teacher. (obviously not as good as Frank haha of course :)
      I will try to keep updating, to keep this blog running ! I was so excited to get a comment on this video, so thank you very much ! Made my day :)
      Hope you're well !! ox

  2. Thanks Shae. It's great to see the work. Did you act it out and collect video reference, or use video reference provided by Joe?

    The hold on the anticipation my be a tiny bit too long. But at the same time I understand that would be smoothed out with more breakdownd and inbetweens.

    Great to see you animating and good solid drawing (an animation principle) :)